Chameleon nails

I think I don’t have enought time. For anything. I would like to have 48 hours a day. To learn for example 🙂 It will be nice!

Chameleon nails

Today I would like to present my nails. I hope that you like them. 🙂
Something different photo than usual.


Autumn leaves

Lately I don’t have time to write. University, car (I and my fiance want to buy some), university and university… It’s very hard to have two fields of study. Seriously, believe me.

I have a dog. Shnauzer – Tosia. Lovely animal. She is very smart, but spoiled. I have to go for a walk with her. Behind the flat I have meadow. It’s suburbs of the city. So I can do a lot of photos of nature. And I do it! Because I like this. It makes me happy.

Autumn leaves

Every photo which I add here looks more beautiful on my phone, I think that my laptop has not to good matrix and graphics card. But what can I do? Next year I would like to buy new one. I think it will be better, but we will see.

On the picture are leaves. I think they are beautiful. I’m very satisfied with the phone, because it can capture a lot of detail. I don’t need to buy new camera. I love it!

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Give someone a smile

Today’s day was nice.
It was cold (-7 °C), but so sunny! I love the sun. Heat on my skin. Not so hot. But this weather gives a power for everyday life, it gives strength to smile. Great weather. Beautiful weather! I love this.


If someone smile to us, usually we want to smile back.
Or if it is brazen or strange smile – we want to run like hell.
The same situation, but different.

I think you have the same. I’m right?

Sometimes I have a situation, that I’m soooo happy. I love this. I’m walking and smiling at all. Someone gives back a smile. It’s wonderful feeling. You disinterestedly make someone’s day better. Or maybe you make that someone’s bad day gets better, up to 10 seconds?

Think about this.


The practice of hydrogeological

Today I was at the trip.
Journey started at 8 a.m. and the end was at 4 p.m.

Recently fallen snow in Poland.
There is very cold, but beyond the periphery of cities there is very beautiful!

Today I was in Bańska Niżna. It is the village near the Zakopanem. A lot of trees. I love this. I think you also liked. The purpose of my trip was the practice of hydrogeological. Occurrence there geothermal water. My job was to sample water. At the university I will analyze and describe this sample. It is so cool. Maybe some of you know this.

Bańska Niżna

The photos which I made, were created during the bus trip. Although I think my phone coped with speed.

Black&white Salwator

Today is ‘All Saints’ Day’. In my country it means “Święto Zmarłych“.
We go to the cementary and pray for our absent relatives.

I know, that some letters are unknow in my translation.
Polish is 4 the hardest language in the world.
I recomended you try to learn.

“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”
George R.R. Martin

Święto zmarłych

Photography which I took was made on Salwator Cementery.
It is placed in one of the best and most beautiful position of Cracow.
Near Zoo and Błonia Park.

Ideal place to stroll – Salwator.

Surface of a lake

Sometimes I don’t know what should I do with my life.
I think that lot of people have the same moments.

The river of truth flows through the canals of delusions.

How could I change my life? It’s very difficult things.

Do you have moments when you want to drop everything and run away?
I think YES.

Encompassing water

Life will never be as calm as the surface of a lake.

Remember this.