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When you are alone. And you don’t know who you need. What do you need. You know nothing. You feel deeply lonely. It’s scary. It’s sad.

How can I trust the people? When they still do such terrible things?
It’s Christmas. I want to be alone. Totally alone. I don’t need anything.




Today was a very hard day.
At the university I hava a presentation of the subject modern physics about:

How do stars form? Primary nucleosynthesis, thermonuclear reactions and the formation of the elements.

It wasn’t so interesting thema. It was very specific, with a lot of details and knowledge.
The most interesting was the issues of the stars. For example about sun.

Always the sun…

Today I would like to add the picture with the sun. It was made next to my flat. I’m living on the outskirts of Cracow, but still in the city.

This photo was made without using any filter. I use my phone.

I hope that you like this.