Time in the beautiful Warsaw


Black protest

My appearance, my decision…

My body, my decision…



I’m from Poland. Beautiful Country. I love this Country.
This is pride for me to be Pole.

In my country, political party, spreading ideas with which even the same people in the party do not agree. It’s not good ideas. For women. For people.
We don’t agree with this. The nation is against tighter restrictions.
We have to settle for the RAPE? For birth of coercion?
Birth despite the fact that a child dies?

Why? Why do you want to do this to us? It’s not fair!
It’s cruel…
Children are dying on our hands…
Why do you do this..?


I don’t want to kill my baby. I would like to do everything to be lucky, to life, to play football… But if my baby would be born and die after two days in the sufferings… I don’t want to do this to my baby. How could I do this to them?

Children do not deserve it! 

I have only 24 years old. But I would like to have a big family. With group of children.
But I would like to each child has life  it deserves. Good life. LIFE! Not 2 days life.
But life with lots of days! Not with 5, or 30. But years!

I’m not egoist. I would like all the best for my family. I’m not killer. But I would like to have family. Not ideal. But family. With people whose doesn’t die past month. Or less.
Everyone wants children who are healthy, but if they don’t we still love them, even more.
But they must live.

I think that none of the people as punishment for abortion is not met with a real disaster. Why they do this to women? To their family? To every person. It’s INHUMAN. Why…

Please. Don’t be Tyren.
Let me live.
And my children.