New graphics tablet – new me

Wasn’t here a lot of time! So… First of all. I want to tell you. That I have… A new graphics tablet! With Corel PaintShop Pro program. It’s great! I love it 🙂 This is my FIRST photo which I changed. I think it’s good. I have an old phone, so the photo isn’t of good quality. But…


Time in the beautiful Warsaw


Nothing hurts like words.


The end od the bad day.


When you are alone. And you don’t know who you need. What do you need. You know nothing. You feel deeply lonely. It’s scary. It’s sad. How can I trust the people? When they still do such terrible things? It’s Christmas. I want to be alone. Totally alone. I don’t need anything. Emptiness.

AGH’s roof

Monday. Like an ordinary day. Morning was very cold, cloudy, sad? Of course very sleepy… I went to university, I study two fields of study – IT and energy sources at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow – Poland. At 8 am I participated in boring classess… But at 9.30 am… I went…

Tančící dům

Last month I was in the Prague. Beautiful city. The weather was great, it wasn’t raining so I was happy. The thing that suprised me – people. There were very nice, helpful. I loved this. Instagram This place I very like. I would like to come back there.

Living in a dream

Why the weather couldn’t be so beautiful always? Forever? This sky… This wather… This overwhelming beauty… I don’t know. Maybe we couldn’t appreciate every day?


I like travel. It’s some kind of shudder. Sometimes not good, sometimes “energy shot”. I like this! I don’t have time to travel a lot. But if I can, it’s a great experience. I have a boyfriend, so if I have time between classes and he has free weekend in the work, we go on…