Time in the beautiful Warsaw



When you are alone. And you don’t know who you need. What do you need. You know nothing. You feel deeply lonely. It’s scary. It’s sad.

How can I trust the people? When they still do such terrible things?
It’s Christmas. I want to be alone. Totally alone. I don’t need anything.



AGH’s roof

Like an ordinary day.
Morning was very cold, cloudy, sad? Of course very sleepy…
I went to university, I study two fields of study – IT and energy sources at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow – Poland.
At 8 am I participated in boring classess… But at 9.30 am…

I went to AGH’s roof!

AGH’s roof

I saw the whole Cracow! It was very beautiful. I was very happy and excited.
For such moments it is worth study.

In the picture we can see Wawel Royal Castle.

I recommend to visit Cracow.
Love this place!


I like travel. It’s some kind of shudder. Sometimes not good, sometimes “energy shot”.
I like this! I don’t have time to travel a lot. But if I can, it’s a great experience.
I have a boyfriend, so if I have time between classes and he has free weekend in the work, we go on a journey. I think it’s strengthen our relationship. It’s my opinion. And his. So I thin it’s true.

Prague lights

I’m amateur in photography. I have only my phone. And imagination. It’s huge force!


It’s MY story.

MY road.

And I want to follow this.